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Analyze & boost your business

We provide all kinds of services and will help your audience grow through all platforms..

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We Help Analyze Your Clients, Understand Your Customers, Track Your Users

We help brands & businesses grow by offering one of the most advanced analytics systems available on the web!
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Understand Your Customers

Want to know what catches your customer's eye's the most? Know which pages attract the most visitors? With NoxPal analytical tools, you can have all this information and boost your business effortlessly!

Easy To Use

Analytics? Data? Codes? All sounds scary to a non-tech savvy user? The answer is simple, anyone can use this with ease! Check out our FAQ.

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Map out where your users interact with the most  

In The Office
Realtime Data

Find out how many users are currently on your website, which devices they're on, and more!

Make it Rain

Your data is never sold, what's yours is yours! You own it!

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Secure, Safe, & All Yours!

Your data matters... keep it safe and secure and away from those predatory companies who just see your information as a commodity!

Dominate Your Competitors
Could you imagine the difference this advanced information could provide to your business? Increase conversions and dominate your competitors!
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$ 9.99

per month

2 Website Support
4 Heatmap Limit
25,000 Pageview Limit 
15,000 Visitor Event Limit
5,000 Session Replays
5 Minute Session Replay Limit
5 Goals Tracking
14 Day Data Retention
Weekly E-Mail Reports
Save almost 15% with a yearly plan
$ 19.99

per month

10 Website Support
15 Heatmap Limit
250,000 Pageview Limit 
200,000 Visitor Event Limit
200,000 Session Replays
10 Minute Session Replay Limit
25 Goals Tracking
30 Day Data Retention
Weekly E-Mail Reports
Save almost 25% with a yearly plan
$ 34.99

per month

50 Website Support
75 Heatmap Limit
1,000,000 Pageview Limit 
1,000,000 Visitor Event Limit
1,000,000 Session Replays
25 Minute Session Replay Limit
100 Goals Tracking
180 Day Data Retention
Weekly E-Mail Reports
Save almost 40% with a yearly plan
More Options

Need More Options? We Got You Covered!

*Free Plan Includes Ads*

Free Plan*

1 Website Support
1 Heatmap Limit
5,000 Pageview Limit
500 Visitor Event Limit
100 Session Replays
3 Minute Session Replay Limit
1 Goals Tracking
7 Days Data Retention
Weekly E-Mail Reports

Enterprise Plan

>50 Website Support
>75 Heatmap Limit
Unlimited Pageview Limit
Unlimited Visitor Event Limit
>1,000,000 Session Replays
>25 Minute Session Replay
>100 Goals Tracking
180 Day Data Retention
Weekly E-Mail Reports

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